Canopy, Duct & Fan Cleaning

Deluxe Services specialise in the cleaning, maintenance and fitting of commercial canopy, duct and extractor fans. We are a professional cleaning and facilities company entirely focused on customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Regular Cleaning

  • Regular cleaning of the Canopy Exhaust System is a proven way to create a hygienic working environment in commercial kitchens. Hygiene experts cite the need for continual cleaning of both canopies and extract ducting to maintain a contaminant and odor free environment.
  • Kitchen canopies and ducting when built up with grease are the single largest contributor to serious commercial kitchen fires . Ducting can run throughout a building and when aided by the extractor fan, fire can quickly spread throughout the entire building. A regular maintenance and cleaning programme will greatly help mitigate the risk of fire within the kitchen canopy and ducting system.
  • Many insurers now have clauses within their policies that stipulate the requirement for regular cleaning and maintenance of commercial kitchen ducting and extractor systems by a certified contractor. Insurers propose clients should enter into a maintenance agreement with a professional services contractor and cleaning should be carried out at regular intervals, to the HVCA TR19 Standard - tr19_section7.pdf

  • Frequency of Ducting and Extractor system cleaning:
    Heavy use(12 . 16 hours per day)  every 3 months
    Medium use    (6 . 12 hours per day)every 6 months
    Light use(2 . 6 hours per day)annually

Services Provided

  • Extensive cleaning of canopy and extract ducting to HVCA TR19 Standard
  • Exhaust Fan Repair and replacement
  • Programme Maintenance and cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Grease Filter Exchange
  • Certification of completion
  • Before and After Photos
  • Video surveying pre cleaning
  • Video survey post clean on complex ducting systems

At Deluxe Services we employ the latest pneumatic brushing technologies to ensure removal of grease from complex or long extract ducting systems. When combined with video, our operators can easily navigate complex ducting systems and record footage to verify results of the clean. This system utilises a range of brush heads and water, hence reducing the necessity for use of chemicals in the clean. If required, the system can also spray a range of disinfectants and sealants post cleaning to the ducting system.


Deluxe Services will provide a certificate of cleanliness post every clean and will also provide a full report including both before and after photos as part of the completion pack. This pack can then be presented to your insurers to demonstrate compliance with your policy’s conditions.